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Engine Mount Fitting For GSXR/GSX/GSF Oil Cooled Motors

Your frame will come with the lower rear mounts tacked in position so the engine can only go in central to aid fitting the rest of your motor mounts.

First bolt the lower centre mounts together and bolt to the motor. Then fit your motor in the frame using the pre-fitted rear mounts to hold in place.

Get the engine straight and square in the frame measuring from the rocker cover to the frame downtubes is a good way of doing it.

Then once your happy, tack weld the lower centre mounts to the frame, this will hold the motor in place well enough to fit the remainding mounts.

Bolt the upper rear mounts together and fit to the motor using the 10mm aluminium spacer supplied on the R/H side. Get the mounts parralel to the ground and tack on using the plate supplied to the centre post.

Bolt the front mounts together and to the rubber front mounts on the motor. Get them in the best position for welding, again tack in place.

Once your happy everything is straight and square, get some decent welds down to prevent the mounts snapping off upon engine removal.
Once the engine is out, fully weld your mounts in place.


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